6 Reasons Why A HRIS Is Non-Negotiable In Your HR Department

6 Reasons Why A HRIS Is Non-Negotiable In Your HR Department

Today’s business world is characterised by constant hiring and laying off. People in the HR department of any company have their work cut out for them and always need to be at their best. This can only be possible when you adopt a human resources information system (or human resource management system as it is often called); a software that tracks and details all information regarding employees of a company in an organised and easily accessible manner.

Gone are the days when people solely depended on documents and some spreadsheets in managing employees’ information. HRIS is rapidly taking over the human resource department of virtually every firm.

If you are still sceptical about it, or perhaps do not fully understand the attendant benefits, here are six reasons why HRIS is non-negotiable for your HR department.

Correct Data Analytics Which Leads To Informed Decisions

Through HRIS, your HR department gets to know the accurate number of employees that works in the various department of your organization. Having all the necessary information about employees would help the HR department in making informed decisions.

HRIS provides your HR department with the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. Thereby assisting them in making decisions regarding who need to be laid off, promoted or trained.

A good HRIS rids the HR of guesswork and incorrect assumptions providing a room for critical thinking before taking crucial decisions. But relying on bulk of files—the conventional style to get these information would take a long time in effecting the necessary changes that needs to be made.

Security Of Information

The world is advancing in technology and so are information systems. If your HR department is still relying on physical documents, post-its and spreadsheets as a secured system of information, you are on the wrong side of advancement.

Often you get to inscribe the word ‘classified’ on files containing employees’ information hoping they won’t be accessed by the wrong people. However, that is more often than not the case. People cannot really be restricted from accessing information about their colleagues since it is on paper. All they have to do is flip open the file.

However, a human resource management system restricts unauthorized persons from accessing the software. The information is also protected from getting lost, destroyed by any physical disasters that may take place such as a fire outbreak or maybe a flood. Even the ameliorative efforts of the fire service department could prove destructive to important documents. Disaster recovery is one of the great features embedded in information system applications. Once it is incorporated, it backs up the information in it.

Effective Administration

Even though it is impractical in this technology reliant age, a paper-based system will not pose much difficulty when your employees are few in number. However, for larger businesses, basic employee information becomes cumbersome to work with when it is all on paper. This seriously slows down the progress of the HR department in carrying out their responsibility.

A human resource information system provides a platform for carrying everyone along and helps in creating an effective means of administration. HR managers can access their company’s information from anywhere around the globe and still be effective as they would be if they were in the office.

Alleviates Risks

Ever wondered how some companies were able to win cases against former employees who sued them because they felt they were treated unjustly and fired for no reason?

The most obvious reason is that they had a good way of managing information about the performances and conduct of their employees. Having a good HRIS makes transparency and accountability a watchword in dealing with your employees.

Communication Made Easy

The fact that employees can update his/her data without necessarily having to go through a HR staff cuts out a lot of unnecessary business processes and correspondence. There is easy flow of communication between the HR department and other employees. This is simply due to the fact that an employee can easily update his/her data without the involvement of any HR staff.

The HR department already have employees’ information on the system and can quickly reach out to any employee at any time. However, a manual system of storing data would require them emptying the cabinets just to reach out to employees. With just a click, you can convey information to hundreds of employees when using a good human resource management system.

Cost Effectiveness

Can a good HRIS save you the cost of employing many HR staff to handle and manage employee information? Let me put it this way. An effective HR staff can handle close to a hundred staff, while an effective HR staff armed with good software can take forty extra persons.

The more employees a HR staff can handle, the less number of people you will need to hire to manage them. This will save you a great deal in business expenses where it concerns hiring cost and subsequent monthly remuneration.

Hansica Kh.