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Special attention to vendors is to understand why they need to advertise with us. It’s simple that they get qualified leads for their software through HR software. You pay us only when buyers check on your website through us. This Pay Per Visit (PPV) is attractive for vendors benefitting them the most. Vendors pay for every visit to their official websites paid by clients through us.

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We provide list of companies offering ideal software to buyers with respect to their demands, they choose the company for software purchase. So far, many businesses got software through HR Software. Irrespective of your business sector or target audiences, our company help vendors to connect with potential buyers.

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Advisor for Personal Marketing

We provide HR Software Advisor who helps you with personal marketing of software products. Our Advisors help you in optimizing PPV concepts, to check on your official page that opens when leads click on them, for suggestion or clarifications regarding lead tracking, to help in converting leads into purchasers, and so on.

In case of any clarifications, please feel free to contact us or email us anytime around the clock!