Terms of Use

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  1. DATA SECURITY. To better serve you, we may need your personal data like Name, Telephone number and we ensure that all your details are well secured. To know more about our data security, please read our Privacy Terms that describes our secured system functionalities in protecting your details.
  2. ELECTRONIC MODE OF COMMUNICATION. When you register with us, we send confirmation and all henceforth communications via E-mail most preferably. Once you send us any e-mails or paying visit to our website or submit any enquiry form, it implies that you agree with us replying via E-mails. Our preferred communication is connecting with e-mails or posting messages on our website. You grant us consent to communicate with you over phone while you try requesting for a software demo, requesting for a demo and downloading our Advisor’s articles or Vendor’s free Software samples.

While communicating with you over phone, we may record calls just for ensuring that we deliver high quality service or for training our Advisors. Since our communications are majorly via e-mails, they stand for our written notification that satisfies any legal formalities. With all recent address updated in our database, our communications will happen. To know more on our communication, please dial our toll-free number.

  1. OWNERSHIP. We have ownership over all contents, pictures, graphics, any media files, articles, and whatsoever you find novel in our websites under International Copyright Laws. Since we have ownership, none of the above mentioned can be copied or used without prior permission from us. You may not use our Advisor’s articles by any means except for personal clarification. You may not sell again any of our services provided exclusively for you. Contact us for additional information on understanding your rights.
  2. LIMITED ACCESS WITH PROHIBITIONS. You hold limited access on our website and in no given circumstances you make modifications in our website. You may not copy our assets like pictures, contents, articles, logos, and so on in any given situations and use it elsewhere. If any usage in such manner is found, licence or permission granted by our Software Advisors may become void and your access to website is terminated.
  3. YOUR REGISTERED ACCOUNT. In our Privacy terms and conditions, you agree to keep all your login credentials safe by not sharing them with others and you agree to take full responsibility for any actions performed with your login details.
  4. OTHER CONTENTS. You may send us any other contents like reviews, testimonials, comments, disputes, questions, clarifications or additional information, etc. via Emails.
  5. VENDOR WEBSITES. Accessing to our vendor’s official website is solely based on your choice. You agree to take full responsibility in accessing vendor’s websites after reading our reviews.