Time Tracking Software

logo1  Time management and tracking software is a must-have in a busy industry or workplace. In order to optimize your company, you need to make sure that your employees are showing up on time and performing the required tasks to the best of their abilities. With MyHRSoft, you can look forward to an impressive suite of features and options that allow you to get the most out of your workplace without fear of error. The software specializes in a variety of time management solutions, designed to not only provide you with detailed data and reports on your employees but also with plenty of customization options to tailor the software to suit your business’s unique needs.

The unique blend of management tools and compilation software allows you to work with an intuitive interface to align the right workers with the right tasks. You can manage the payroll software with the attendance and leave management system in order to provide your company with more flexibility according to your employees and business practices. You can enter and work with all types of requests as they apply to your rules, and the time sheets are designed to be easy to read and apply in all situations.

kronos-logo-2012    When you have the right time management solutions in your workplace, you have the opportunity to empower your production teams and manage the environment with the right time and attendance options. Kronos is designed to simplify the tedious management requirements, such as monitoring your employees’ time and attendance records, general data collection and labor tracking. The program is completely automated, and it is meant to work together with the suite of data collection options in order to allow business owners to better collect data on workplace productivity. The software can be invaluable in controlling labor costs, minimizing relevant compliance risks and improving your overall workplace productivity.

The product suite is complete with a number of tools that can help you manage data as it pertains to workplace attends and hours. It can be perfect in a fast-paced environment that frequently requires the cooperation of several teams at once. The tool can also be ideal for when you need to recruit and retain employees that can be an asset to your team. By investing in the software and changing the parameters to suit your business’s needs, you can look forward to a more engaged workforce that can help drive your company’s results.

TT_Logo_Small  Time tracking software can be paramount to a successful business. Not only will it allow you to optimize your time usage but it can also be extremely valuable in making sure that your employees are using their time wisely. With TimeTrack, you can look forward to a number of features that are designed to function with all types of businesses. No matter your industry, you can customize the software to suit your schedule and needs. The easy-to-understand interface makes installation and optimization quick, no matter what your experience is with business-related software.

100 percent of all of the user parameters are completely definable. The program’s payroll system is integrated completely in the attendance functionality, which allows all business owners to deduct and allocate pay according to the employee’s personal attendance record. The software works with all types of readers and manual hardware, designed for quick installations and easy-to-understand applications. The software also comes with a variety of bio-metric solutions to improve the security in your workplace. Through the correct utilization of this program, it is possible for all business owners to improve the way their workplace manages time and the safety of their sensitive files and data against internal and external threats.

logo (1)   The Timelabs attendance software and attendance management system can help any company save time and money. The software will help reduce time errors and keep down errors in attendance calculations. It is a web based software that is capable of being accessed at anytime and anywhere. It’s quick and easy to use and can help make calculated payroll a breeze. The software also makes managing holidays and vacations simple. For more advanced scheduling, the software is also capable of defining multiple shifts for employees as well as guidelines for overtime rules. The software can also be easily integrated with many biometric devices and RFID readers.

AccountSightN_logo  AccountSight has an easy time tracking software program that you can try for free for the first 30 days. After 30 days, the prices are competitive and affordable for this useful software. It will help you capture more billable hours in a very accurate manner. One of the best features of the AccountSight software is that it can be configured to work for businesses, independent consultants and freelancers. In addition, the software is very easy to work with.

Employees can submit their timesheets electronically to a manager or they can print and sign the sheets. They can also submit expense reports in the same manner. Then, the managers will receive the sheets on their dashboard and have the ability to approve or reject multiple sheets at once. There is also a feature where they can send out notifications or reminders for missed or delayed time sheets or reports. Additionally, AccountSight has very powerful tools to analyze time sheet data. Managers can view a variety of different criteria, and they can then save data, create PDF files, or print them out. For convenience, files can also be quickly uploaded to Excel. The entire system is Cloud based for ease of access anywhere you go.