Payroll Software

logo_ADP_red    ADP offers a full-service payroll software solution in its human capital management suite, ADP Vista HCM. Vista HCM offers a cloud-based solution that can provide payroll and benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and talent and human resources management under one convenient suite with a simple, three-step process. It can also provide easy access to all necessary forms and reports, including payment stubs, tax reports, form-16 and 24Q, PF, ESI, PT and LWF. ADP Vista HCM is easily scaled for small, medium, and large businesses and pricing varies by company size.

Human resources managers may also enjoy ADP’s RUN, which provides a comprehensive, but more affordable and simpler, payroll, tax, and human resource management system focuses specifically on small businesses. It offers similar functionality to ADP Vista HCM, but RUN Powered by ADP is intended to be easy to use and understand by people who have to focus on running all aspects of their businesses.

greytiphr-logo-50_0    Taking the guesswork out of payroll is what GrayHR does with its payroll software suite. Small businesses benefit from easy to implement payroll processing and accurate salary reports. Employees benefit from knowing how their salary is being allocated and in knowing that all their deductions have been accurately updated. GrayHR’s payroll module is easy to use and works on both computer and mobile applications. Employees have the choice of getting their payslips printed manually, sent through email in PDF format or published securely online.

The software is flexible enough to adapt to changes in regulations yet easy enough to compute all the taxes, revisions, stop payments and other pay issues with a simple click of a button. GrayHR can handle any type of salary structure. They guarantee that your tax and statutory requirements will be met.

Generating the required PF, ESI, Professional tax and TDS deductions to create the required returns and reports is done automatically with this software. You’ll have no more worries about whether or not you processed these deductions correctly. You can also customize the parameters to create reports for your specific industry and business. With GrayHR’s powerful reconciliation tools and audit reports you can spot mistakes before payroll release.

logo     Payroll Software: If your company doesn’t have it, it should. If your company has it, it should have HRM Thread for Payroll. Over 5,000 users enjoy the convenience and benefits of HRM Thread for Payroll and HRM solutions. The software provides easy access to the payroll and employee database. It is web-hosted, simple, convenient, and fast.

Recruitment information is easily available, from vacancy to resume submission, to the user-friendly Resume Database, to online tests for candidates, interviews and contacting candidates. Training information, time sheets and employee performance information are quickly and easily available.

With employee self-service (ESS) software, your staff can see their benefits, personal payroll and leave information, and they can update their personal information. With the employee database, employees’ information is available all at once: general, personal, and contact information, qualifications, emergency contacts, work experience, insurance, achievements, training, and all other employee information.

All payroll information is available at a glance: company pay slips, attendance, leave, taxes, payments, bonuses, reimbursements, and all other payroll information.  Simplicity, and fast and easy access to payroll and employee databases make HRM beneficial to any company.

logo (1)Payroll processing is necessary for every company. As companies grow, payroll grows and gets more difficult. A payroll program should meet all of the user’s requirements: no need for manual entries, and reports should be easily generated and customizable. Marg meets these needs. An employee’s complete details are available with one click, and the software can manage all systems, such as Human Resource, Employee Payroll, and Compliance. And it does so efficiently and effectively. The program tracks all data concerning employee compensation.

The program also can manage Arrears (payments an employer owes an employee following a salary structure change, which should have been paid sooner), Full and Final Settlement (money owed when an employee leaves a company), and the procedures of welcoming new members to a company.
Managing payroll does not have to be complicated. With Marg Payroll Software, it is easy and efficient.

Picture11When choosing a payroll software program, a business should look for one that is simple, scalable and user friendly. And it should allow the company to manage other business processes, such as tax calculations and statutory compliance, in addition to payroll management. These services should be available for groups and individuals.

There are several features that a program needs: page elements should be easy to configure; it should be able to organize employees by pay grade; the formula tool and structure builder should be simple to use; it should have a fast tax calculator; it should be capable of tax projection and deduction; it should be able to manage loans and arrears; and it should be capable of paycheck configuration and generation.

Processing, automation, compliance, and integration are easier and more efficient. Run-time processing allows faster payroll output and improves productivity by eliminating repetitive processing time. Rule-based payroll management software can automate the entire payroll process. The system will generate ready-to-upload statutory report files, making Statutory and tax filings easy. The program can integrate payroll, leave, attendance, reimbursement, loans and advances. And end of repetitive processing.

sumhr payrollSumHR is a cloud-based HR & Payroll software that can help you streamline your HR processes. Some features include: Attendance and leave tracking, Performance management, Employee Reimbursement, HR Analytics, One-click Payroll Processing, Biometric T&A, Access On-the-go, and much more!