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Features to Look For in an HRMS Software

With the advent of technology, apart from home-life becoming easier, work is also getting less monotonous, especially for HRs. Human Resource Management Systems which are used by almost all organizations is an example of simplification of repetitive tasks in order to focus more on other important tasks.

There are a few features that are absolutely necessary for an HRMS. They are:

  • Employee on-boarding: When a new employee joins the organization, the process must be capable of starting off the on-boarding process. There must be a HR checklist that must be given for workflow to be easy.
  • Generation of Offer-Letter: With so many cases being taken to the labor court, the offer letter should be very specific. Software should be capable of generating the offer letter. It should also make the pre-arrangements and get the authentication and approval from the HR management.
  • Employee’s Database: Every single detail about the employee can be found in the HRMS. Details like name, project details, methods for communication, etc.
  • Managing Employee Attendance: The attendance system should be integrated with the HRMS. It should also leave possibilities for creation of a shift plan, turns in a shift, allocation of work and for marking attendance. The HRMS should also generate report based on requirement.
  • Leave Management: The software should be capable of managing the leave along with processing the leave application in a user friendly way. It should be accessible by the employee and easy to decide upon for the management. This way, it will be way to administer and manage at the end of the year.
  • Employee Roster Management: Roster apps are an important feature to manage complex rosters or scheduling of employees.
  • Performance Management: KRA and KPI Configurations should be done at the end of the assessment. Goals and objectives must be imported as well. MS and PMS lists as well as pending goals should be assessed.
  • Reimbursements and Claims: Slips and reports should be generated by the software.
  • Statutory Compliance: Payroll processing as well as the fixed and variable variants of the IP models along with the bank statement and pay slip generation should be done. The HR Software should also have the capacity to generate IT, Form 16, TDS and YTD by itself.
  • Managing the Timesheet: Project details should be included if possible. It should also have features to enter the number of hours spent on each project along with dates and time charts of the employee’s work.
  • Generation of the Report: Reports can be generated by making just one click. Reports can also be generated after customization. Parameters that are required can be selected as well.
  • Complete statement: ESS, Admin Process and MSS should separate they way that work flows and the software handles it. The software should also handle the employee who has been terminated appropriately with another checklist that is auto-generated.

Apart from all these features, the thing to really look for in an HR Software is how well it can be used by the employee. Self service is the most important feature of the HRMS. HRMS can make the job of both the employee and the HR easier with more accuracy and minimal probability of error.

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