Time and Attendance Software

logo_ADP_red     ADP Vista HCM makes tracking employee attendance simple for both employees and employer. No matter how many locations you have employees in, this attendance tracking software makes it easy to handle complex attendance logs and overtime hours through a single, integrated platform.

This software allows employees to use any biometric device for access. Employees simply swipe a card, and their time information is automatically entered. There is no need for manual data entry, and thus there is less of a chance for errors. Furthermore, your employees can access up to a year of their own time data including applied, approved, pending, and rejected attendance records. The portal also allows employees to apply for and request such things as shift changes, overtime, and permissions for vacations and such.

The employer has the opportunity to customize the software to best fit the needs of different groups of employees. In addition, when requests are made by employees, they are sent, in real time, directly to the manager’s dashboard. And, if multi-level approval is needed, this too can be generated by the software. Best of all, reports on employee attendance are generated effortlessly. The employer can easily analyze the times employees swipe in and out, overtime, and all requests.

kronos-logo-2012  Kronos provides time and attendance software that allows companies to effectively track their employee’s time while gathering information to help reduce compliance risks and relegate costs. Recent trends indicate that fully-automated time and attendance software helps companies record 70 percent more accurate data than companies that do not use any software. Companies that do not use any automation software find it difficult to compete in today’s technology-based environment.

Key data is lost and many companies cannot accurately track the time and attendance of their workforce. With Kronos time and attendance software, companies can streamline the day-to-day operations of their human resource departments. The Kronos suite of workforce management solutions is designed to record key data that will ultimately increase the production of a company’s entire labor pool.

TT_Logo_Small  TimeTrack offers time and attendance payroll solution software that allows companies to effectively and accurately record their employee’s attendance records and adjust their policies and procedures based on production and performance. TimeTrack offers one edition of their attendance software, the premier edition. This edition integrates payroll and attendance making it easy for companies to fine-tune their production levels based on late employees, missed work or overtime.

The software also provides companies with leave management solutions, compensatory off management solutions and web-based leave and attendance records. There is an automated email function and the software supports all models of hardware. The payroll side of the software features tools that help companies with payroll deductions, reimbursements and deductions.

logo (1)  TimeLabs Time Attendance Software is an intelligently-designed, web-based software system for managing workers. It integrates seamlessly with key cards and biometric devices that provide access to secure buildings and office areas. Managers are able to define shift rules for exempt and non-exempt employees as well as assign employee groups to custom-defined shifts. This user-friendly program enables employees and management to schedule and track use of vacations, floating holidays and paid time off. It easily monitors employee traffic including tardiness, breaks, early-outs and absences.

The program facilitates attendance and payroll reconciliation by providing several different file export formats that are compatible with common HR and spreadsheet software programs. Managers can quickly generate detailed and accurate reports from records gathered from multiple locations. This software is also scalable to meet the changing needs of a growing business.

logo  Accord eHR offers companies time and attendance software called Intelliob TimeMate. It can track the time and attendance of employees in most industries. Intelliob TimeMate can also integrate with most hardware devices on the market today. As a matter of fact, this software can integrate with many different solutions that can track employee time and attendance.

The features on TimeMate can coordinate the time management of employees. Some common employee events that TimeMate can track include the following: Early Goings, Holidays, In Punch and Out Punch, Late Coming, Leave Management, Overtime, Roistering.

Due to these excellent features, human resources departments no longer have to get snarled in the garden variety time and attendance issues of employees. This frees HR managers to focus on issues that need their full attention. With TimeMate, HR managers can also work with both managerial functions and even a report writing tool that provides information according to the manager’s specifications.