Applicant Tracking System

logoTake the guesswork out of talent acquisition and streamline the hiring process with the help of state-of-the-art applicant tracking software by Adrenalin. Manually sifting through mountains of responses to open positions can be draining and well as extremely time consuming. The right candidates are often overlooked as a result of human error when old-fashioned applicant screening methods are a primary part of the picture. Fortunately, the Adrenalin applicant tracking system does the heavy work so that HR personnel can concentrate on the finer points of finding just the right person for the job.

The Adrenalin applicant tracking system is with you through each step of the hiring process. Initial mass recruitment endeavors are uploaded into a single database, the applicant data capture feature tags the right applicants to respective vacancies, and the resume parser stacks, sorts, and pre-screens resumes as they’re received. After hiring decisions have been made, selected applicants are transitioned as new hires into our HR database.

Recruiting, identifying the best possible applicants, arranging for interviews, hiring, and managing employees after the point of hire has never been so easy. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for more information about the Adrenalin system.

1426759307_logo_midZoho People is more than an applicant tracking system. It’s a comprehensive personnel management tool for Human Resources professionals. Zoho People offers useful features such as leave management, attendance management, time tracking, and form customization. The employee self service tool empowers employees to view and update their own records, freeing up valuable Human Resources time. Zoho People also has a convenient mobile app from which HR pros can contact employees and colleagues directly.

The real-time collaboration feature allows company alerts and announcements to instantly reach employees. The software also allows for customized process automation ensuring that tasks, from leave approval to performance appraisals, are completed on time and according to company policy. Zoho People is a multi-faceted applicant tracking software with a lot to offer any Human Resources department.

1413953832_tr1_midTalentRecruit is an applicant tracking software suitable for all kinds of organizations, including corporations, staffing firms, and educational institutions. TalentRecruit streamlines the talent acquisition process. This powerful software allows users to share job openings and descriptions on social media and provides data analysis to improve social media efficacy over time. TalentRecruit’s talent search feature, iNtelliSearch, enables Human Resources professionals to search for talent based on a wide number of criteria.

The system is integrated with many job boards, making it easy for users to reach a broad audience with job openings. Once applicants come in, TalentRecruit offers a multi-level candidate evaluation tool to help users assess the quality of their job candidates. Once the top candidates are established, interviews and hiring decisions can be managed through the TalentRecruit software. TalentRecruit is an end-to-end applicant tracking software which will reduce the time and cost associates with new hires.

kendralogo4Kendra Business Solutions offers an innovative applicant tracking system, ResumeFox, which it claims reduces hiring time and costs by at least 70 percent. One main feature of ResumeFox is its resume parsing, which enables users to extract candidate information from resumes such as name, years of experience, present company, and credentials. ResumeFox’s parsing software can process 1,500 to 2,000 resumes per hour! This software enables users to then shortlist resumes and send mass emails to job candidates.

Forms for pre-screening and interviews can be customized according to the job position. Users can also use ResumeFox to schedule appointments with candidates and to leave interview feedback for each candidate. ResumeFox also includes an offer letters module, a referrals module, and a vendors access module, proving this applicant tracking system has a lot to offer.

logo_jpgAlchemus, an applicant tracking system, offers many features which streamline the recruitment and talent acquisition process. Alchemus’s job requisition and distribution feature allows users to distribute jobs across a customized client careers page, social media, as well as many popular job boards. The career portal feature enables clients to create assessments for candidates during the application process.

Alchemus offers a resume parser which eliminates the majority of data entry by extracting vital information from the candidates’ resumes. Users can search Alchemus using advanced methods to find appropriate candidates for job openings. Alchemus also offers analytics which help clients understand and improve their hiring processes.