Performance Management

synergita-logoThe performance management system features offered by Synergita helps companies reduce attrition and enhance employee performance reviews to save time and money. Instead of the costly and tiresome annual performance reviews companies perform, Synergita’s performance management system streamlines the process to a periodic and meaningful process.

The system features allow companies to customize their review process and the system easily adapts to a company’s business needs. The systems mobile interface gives companies the flexibility they need to review employee process reports with continuous feedback in real time. The system also allows managers to nominate reviewers such as mentors, peers or other managers that are within the organization. This eliminates the need for outside reviewers who charge exorbitant fees to conduct a company’s employee performance reviews.

zing hr_midA comprehensive performance management system can help employers optimize their operations and provide employees with a comprehensive series of guidelines to follow for the best workflow achievable. The performance management software provided by ZingHR is designed with several optimal principles in mind. Employers can use the software for its flexibility, as it allows users to understand the way such a system works within the infrastructure of their organization. The software provides complete visibility of varying processes in order to provide professionals with the maximum aligned understanding of the components required for efficient management, especially in a fast-paced working environment.

Some of the highlights of the module include options that allow employees to understand key result areas even better. This allows employees to measure and manage themselves according to the predefined metrics. Because the system is so flexible, employers can also use it to change expectations and performance processes based on new data as it begins to surface. The system allows complicated analytics platforms to further generate comprehensive graphical outputs and data reports that could show trends over time in terms of optimizing the workflow in the area. Because of how easy the system is to integrate, it comes highly recommended for all types of environments.

1411651354_LogoV_midGrosum provides quality employee performance management software that gives companies the flexibility they need to assess the production of each of their employees. The software offers each manager of a company an opportunity to review the performance of employees. This allows for a multi-level review instead of one single review that may not accurately reflect an employee’s performance.

The software is transparent, which will help build an employee’s trust in the company. The software also offers normalized performance scores that do not place an individual grade based on one review. Companies can also set their own timelines for performance reviews and receive automated alerts when it is time for an employee review.

itpllogoBusiness owners rely on performance management systems to make sure that the level of productivity they desire in their workplace is being reached. With Intelliob’s PMS system, business owners can rest easy knowing that the management processes are in good hands. The system is designed to view the workforce as a series of assets, allowing business owners to optimize their productivity without making any unnecessary cuts if they could be avoided. All aspects of the workplace are taken into consideration, and everything from employee histories to general appraisals are taken care of and organized into easy data sections for later reviewing.

With the system, business owners can effectively plan for, assess and then analyze the consistent performance of the entire workforce. Business owners can take things a step further and define performance factors for their employees to reach. They can set these by cascading the general enterprise strategy, asses employee performance according to feedback and ratings and then customize countless other systems in order to better fit the needs of the organization as a whole. It has never been easier to manage your employees and make sure that you are reaching the quotas you need, and few other systems come close when it comes to accessibility and ease-of-use.

ot-new-sriIncrease the productivity of your employees by over 15 percent with this state-of-the-art time tracking software. This software tracks the time spent on each individual project rather than just documenting total time spent on the job during the course of the pay period. This allows you to gain a realistic picture of the overall profitability of each project as well as determine how productive employees really are. You’ll be presented with expense and billing reports designed to help fine-tune your future project planning process.

Our timesheet tool allows you to define and assign specific tasks within projects as well as allocate a designated time frame for completion of each segment. You’ll be able to easily increase the accountability of your team and keep them focused by accessing a visual representation of the activity. Employees can also use this tool to help them meet milestones in a timely fashion.

Optimized with apps for Android and iOS devices, OfficeTimer makes it possible for you to track your employees’ performance online at any time and from any location. The app is easily integrated with other cloud-based tools to provide a fuss-free, streamlined employee tracking experience.