Recruitment Software

1413953832_tr1_midTalentRecruit offers flexible recruitment software that helps companies dramatically improve their employee recruiting process. The software helps companies target the right talent, reduce the time it takes to hire those recruits and lower the operational costs related to recruiting new talent. The diverse platform solutions work perfectly for large corporations, staffing firms and educational institutions. Corporations benefit from an integrated recruitment platform that automates the entire recruitment process.

Staffing firms benefit from a smart recruitment tool that helps the firms enhance revenues, multiply user efficiency and fully optimize costs. Educational institutions benefit from a campus recruitment platform that fully automates campus recruitment procedures. TalentRecruit’s recruiting software offers full transparency for all of its users.

1426759307_logo_midZOHO offers automated recruitment solutions that help businesses cultivate relationships with potential employees. Whether it is sourcing, track or hiring, ZOHO recruitment software vastly simplifies in-house recruiting by helping you automate your workflow to complete a plethora of tasks. Manage contacts and schedule interviews with ease. Increase your visibility to attract quality candidates via your own customized careers website page or through publishing postings on several popular international job boards. Parse resumes and quickly find the most suitable candidates for any position.

Boost candidate satisfaction levels by providing personalized communications and performing status updates through comprehensively tracing individual candidate activity. Work remotely via our convenient ZOHO Recruit mobile app on your iOS or Android device. ZOHO is the comprehensive automated software solution for all your recruitment needs.

1450249136_alchemus_logo_mid  Alchemus offers talent and recruiting software solutions that help attract, hire and retain qualified applicants for companies and organizations. The software provides users with fully automated front and back-end office solutions that help engage and onboard talent. Talent acquisition and staffing does not have to deplete valuable resources. Instead, with the talent acquisition software offered by Alchemus, companies can streamline their entire recruitment process and allocate valuable resources to other areas of the company.

The software also offers performance and pay-for-performance tools that help increase employee production. Other features of the software include candidate management, job distribution, vendor management and resume management. Companies can reduce the cost to hire talent and decrease their time to hire talent by using the solutions offered by Alchemus.

1472036486_Pcrecruiter_Logo_mid  With efficient recruitment software, you never have to worry about who you take onto your company. A good system will help you not only manage resumes and talents but also make sure that your employees are being placed in the appropriate teams where their skills can synergize for the best results. With PCRecruiter, you can find talent for your business across a broad spectrum of fields and mediums, with each option available specifically for your desired roles.

The primary PCRecruiter interface is meant to run on any web browser and any device. You do not have to install any apps or virtual environments, which makes the setup process very easy and quick. If you have used recruitment interfaces before, you will find yourself familiar with all of the same screens, email tracking and scheduling sections as they are available on the program. The system comes with a mobile app that allows you to act as the field manager, staffing agent and recruiter of any experts in the local area. The mobile technology allows you to spearhead recruitment methods in a relatively new field, and the software is designed to integrate with all other management options to make sure that your employees are putting their talents to good use in your company.

logo-hireright  Once you’ve got a great team together, you want to make sure that you keep making excellent additions in the future. With the right hiring technology, you can optimize your business strategy and enjoy a stronger workforce. Hire Right is designed to improve the hiring process. It provides all business leaders with an excellent array of tools and solutions to tackle all types of hiring problems, including inefficiencies and miscommunication. The brand has worked with countless clients in the past to optimize their recruitment strategy, resulting in software that is not only easy to use but also extremely versatile, no matter your company’s field or industry.

One of the key features of the software is a comprehensive risk checklist that can quickly identify the risks to your organization and improve the way you manage those risks. Screening has never been simpler thanks to the software. You can protect your business from all types of unnecessary leadership problems by carefully assessing the applicants and performing background screening procedures to make sure that they are what your business needs to succeed. You can review resumes in as little as 30 seconds by uploading them to the system and reviewing the attributes needed for your company’s approach.