10 Innovative HR Policies and Practices to Accelerate Success

10 Innovative HR Policies and Practices to Accelerate Success

In the current world scenario and the level of competition, Businesses are facing difficulties like talent crunch, skill shortage, and attrition. Today most of the potential talent is looking for a job that offers work life balance and a sense of job satisfaction and a fair opportunity to grow. It is very integral to understand the changing needs of the personnel. Human Resources lie at the core of every business structure. The HR professionals must cater to the progressive environment or risk missing out on great talent. Here is a list of 10 innovative HR policies that can accelerate success in terms of maintaining employee satisfaction and recruitment.

  1. Get Rid of Job Titles

The hierarchy gives the feel of a traditional business. One of the most productive HR policies would be to stop the use of job titles. Job Titles choke the creativity in an employee and leads to an unproductive hierarchy.  Getting rid of job titles fosters much more cohesive and united team of employees.

  1. Investment in Employee Health

As a result of the prevalent rat race offices and workstations have become 2nd homes to all employees because they spend half of the day or more than half of day working.  It is important that HR professionals understand that the physical and mental health is important for adequate productivity. Investing in an employee’s health can be a good deal. You can provide your employees with gym memberships, in office “Activity Rooms for Games”, and company sponsored “In office” medical screening are a few prevalent and excellent options.

  1. 2 Way Mentoring

Productive information sharing is the key component to success. All companies need to understand that sharing knowledge is very important. While the new employees can learn valuable process requirements and product knowledge from experienced and expert employees, the existing employees can absorb new technologies and discover various hacks from all the newbies around. This 2-way mentoring method is a back and forth relationship.

  1. Mandatory Time Off

Mandatory Time off is one of the most common HR policies that can work wonders for your organisation to help reduce attrition. Today companies are implementing the concept of “employee recharging”. According to this concept, employees are supposed to take time off at regular intervals for themselves. This will result in a re-engaged and refreshed employee.

  1. Focus on Flexibility

Do you wish to accomplish job satisfaction and loyalty among your employees? Then you must implement components like flexibility with respect to shift timings, work from home options, preplanning of important personal events but obviously without compromising the organisational objectives. This is one of those HR policies which help the employee to successfully integrate life and work. This policy focuses on the quality of every employee contribution to the company, not just the number of physical hours worked.

  1. Using Gamification

Gamification is a very upcoming HR policy. It is a very fruitful recruitment tool nowadays. A lot of companies use this tool to attract potential employees to their website. For teaser’s sake, you can use a virtual tour of your office, or use a video game that involves accomplishing some potential job’s tasks. This gamification can amplify interest in the minds of the younger talent and they are more likely to apply to your company.

  1. Time off in the name of volunteering

In today’s scenario,all the companies irrespective of their sizes indulge in the greater good of the society through CSR activities of various kinds. You can encourage your employees to volunteer for corporate social responsibility projects that your company chooses to engage in. this is one of those HR policies which help your employees to become good corporate citizens. Time off for social projects like tree plantations, volunteering at the hospital, donations to an orphanage or an old age home not only creates a sense of social responsibility but also acts as an alternative recreational activity that increases productivity and sense of belonging.

  1. Show your employee their growth

Every individual seeking a job or already working as an employee is looking for personal growth. If an employee sees adequate growth in your company he will remain loyal and your attrition rate will reduce. Personal growth is one of the key components of an employee’s psychology. If you are able to use this to your advantage you will have happy and goal-oriented employees. You can show growth to them in the form of incentive schemes, goal/target oriented promotions, awards and recognition, and heavy bonuses and perks. This is one of the most reliable HR policies that are bound to amplify success.

  1. Customise Jobs As per the Talent

A successful HR policy would be to create job positions as per the talent pool available. If an employee has a particular gift use it to your advantage, create a role that suits his talent keeping in mind your organisational goals. This way you will end up using the best of everyone’s capabilities. All your employees will be used to the best of their potential.

  1. Using Technology

With a world of growing technological advancement, why should the HR Department stay behind? It is very important that technology is integrated with HR policies for better Human Resource Management. You can use video calls along with telephone calls for the recruitment process, you can use the official website for training in terms of HR policies and training manuals of the company, and take online exams instead of written exams for faster evaluations.

Are you wondering whether all offices practice all these HR Policies? Well, your answer is no. However, companies, who are successfully able to implement and embrace one or more such innovative HR practices, achieve greater morale, employee satisfaction and higher competitive talent recruiting. These innovative policies are absolutely apt for the developing progressive environment of different companies. The more you accept this fact the better Human resource future you will look at.

Integration of your company, your coworkers and your culture in the right proportion is the right direction.

Hansica Kh.