Job search websites

Remember when searching for a job consisted of spending hours going to numerous businesses filling out applications when job leads came from classified ads in the newspaper? Thanks to modern technology and online job websites/portals, finding a job is as simple as one click of your mouse.

Finding a job has never been easier than the methods used today. The only requirements for today’s job seekers are registering with job portals, adding their professional and personal information, then let the website work its magic finding the top jobs that match their credentials.

With new job site portals popping up online, how does one know which sites are legit and which are bogus sites designed to steal user’s information to sell to other sites? First, it is important to know which websites users rely on the most.

Here is the list of best job portals in India:

1). Founded in 1995 by businessman Sanjeev Bikhchandani, holds the title for the top spot for employment portals in India. With a staggering 49.5 million registered users, adds on average around 11,000 resumes daily with modifications to around 130,000.

In 2016, 51,000 corporate clients paid for services such as access to their database, advertisements, and use of the website’s tools. continues to lead the online employment market with 75% traffic share.

Facebook followers – 701,007

Twitter followers – 25.3K

2). Founded in 2006, is making a name for itself as one of the world’s leading employment search engines. With over 35 million users per month and more than 75 million registered users, It’s no wonder assist with more than 20 million jobs per month.

Headquartered in Milan, services 58 countries, where the search engine matches the perfect candidate with job offers to thousands of businesses around the globe assisting companies to employ the right candidate on demand.

Facebook followers – 43,099

Twitter followers – 3, 952

3). Founded in 2009,, headquartered in Sydney, AU, has satellite offices in Vancouver, Southern California, London, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, and Manila. Freelancer.Com is a crowd sourcing marketplace global website where employers post jobs that freelancers bid to complete. offers a platform for connecting businesses seeking help in web design, app development, graphic design, data entry and product manufacturing with freelancers providing a bid to win the job.

Facebook followers – 2,154,991

Twitter followers – 182K

4). Founded in 2004 and located in Austin,Texas, in the United States with offices throughout the is a single-topic employment search engine often referred to as a vertical search. is available in 60 countries in 28 languages. is different than some job search engines in that it combines listings from staffing firms, company career pages, websites, associations, and job boards. Other ways the site stands alone is that it allows the job seeker to apply directly to the job as well as resume storage and posting.

Facebook followers – 1,150,957

Twitter followers – 222K

5). In 2008, India’s most innovative and fastest growing online employment portal hit the scene. Shine. Com stands out from the rest due to its integration of social and personal networks of candidates for enhancing the process of recruitment. The first and only of it’s kind. enables recruiters to reach out to employee’s connections and their network opening the door to a vast network of quality candidates.

Facebook followers – 410,671

Twitter followers – 10,100

6). Established in 2011, is free and straightforward to use as the go-to website for anyone seeking a government job. does exactly as its name suggest. It sends out alerts of job openings in the public sector in India, for free. report all job openings, the requirements, employment news, study material and video lessons while keeping you updated through email or Facebook alerts.

Facebook followers – 52,415

Twitter followers – 2,286

7). Established in 2004,, owned by The Times Group, is famous for its slogan, “because you are worth more,”and specializes in a broad range of employment industries, such as:

  • IT
  • Retail
  • BPO
  • Advertisement
  • Media
  • Government interacts with clients and employers via social media as well.

Facebook followers – 504,083

Twitter followers – 12,100

8). Although has been around longer, originated in 2001 providing profiles to employers and jobs to jobseekers of all industries using cutting edge technology., located in Hyderabad, is present in 11 cities in India.

Dish TV and Monster India partnered so that those with limited internet could have access to the job portal as job services would be available to TV viewers throughout the cities. The name of this service is “Monsterjobs Active.”

Facebook followers – 764,302

Twitter followers – 18.6K

9). Arriving on the job portal scene in 1998, jobsDB has made a name for itself among the top employment directories. With services in Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Korea as well as India, is fastly becoming one of the largest employment portals.

Facebook followers – 63, 305

Twitter followers – 2,967

10). Started to buy and sale classified ads, has fast climbed the ranks as one of the most utilized employment portals throughout India. is still a classified ad network, but, with huge Facebook and Twitters followers, this job portal is here to stay.

Facebook followers – 76, 821

Twitter followers – 12K

11). One of the most unique employment portals is Job seekers with little to no work experience should have no problems finding work through this channel. is designed especially for people just starting in a career or seeking to change the direction of their career.

Facebook followers – 862,229

Twitter followers – 12, 220

12). Anyone seeking jobs in both the govt and private engineering sector should visit this site. Not only can you actively search for work, but you have access to resume tips, interview tips, and how to schedule testing required for public employment.

Facebook followers – 565

Twitter followers – 688

13). 35,079 Facebook fans and 2,268 Twitter followers keep in the loop daily with one of the fastest growing employment sites in India. Other services offered are trends in employment, job search advice and career development tips in India.

Facebook followers – 35,079

Twitter followers – 2,268

14). Specializing in the tech world, not only acts on behalf of the employer and employee, but there are also links to practice coding in 4,500 challenges in over 50 languages.

Facebook followers – 55,233

Twitter followers – 3,605

15). Indgovtjobs.inJust as its name states, provides job tips as well as alerts for those interested in seeking a govt position. Most listed positions offer a link to the application and resume section for interested parties to apply directly online.

Facebook followers – 134,225

Twitter followers – 4,484

16). This employment portal is a one-stop-shop for candidates who need to brush up on their skills before applying. Directly available to subscribers are reading material and guidance tips on exams and interviews. Whether you are interested in banking, civil service or MBA, has everything you need to prepare you for the task.

Facebook followers – 1,444

Twitter followers – 57

17). Offers available jobs as well as links to receive assistance with resumes and vocational training for those just getting started in a career. Both public and private sectors post available jobs as well as training for the right candidate.

Facebook followers – 2,755,817

Twitter followers – 4,511

18). Is another fast progressing job portal for those interest in jobs in the railroad, law enforcement, govt, and other civil positions. Also available are Admit cards, test and exam scores, practice slots and online applications.

Facebook followers – 429,201

Twitter followers – 63

19). Everything an interested individual needs to prepare and apply for a private job is right here on this website.  From the job posting to admit cards, practice exams, and review scores, it’s all right here on one site.

Facebook followers – 148,861

Twitter followers – 245

20). Is another classified ad portal that started as a simple place to list items for sale or wanted to buy that turned into a lucrative location to seek employment in computer or internet industries. Available in over 50 languages,

Facebook followers – 375,865

Twitter followers – 4,702

21). Is a site designed for people to take an adaptive test to measure their skills with available jobs. Once the testing is complete, the applicant can then apply to the jobs that meet their criteria.

Facebook followers – 280,841

Twitter followers – 2,642

22). Has 21 job categories with all of India’s top employers. Whether you are seeking full-time, part-time, or temporary employment, more than likely has a job listing to fit your need. With lightening speed technology, a user can sign up and be ready to search for a job in under 2 minutes.

Facebook followers – 2, 835,172

Twitter followers – 33K

23). HulloJobs, operational from 2018, is a rapidly growing online job portal; a worthy alternative to popular job sites with an expanding base of jobseekers who seek not only job openings but also important tools like resume writing, interview guides, industry news and other resources to improve their job hunt.

Users can upload their resumes and start applying to viable jobs with a single click, it’s also very easy to see who has seen your profile & progress of applications from your Hullo Jobs dashboard.

In addition, recruiters can benefit greatly too. One the very rare websites who offer fully free job postings to recruiters (with no hidden charges or restricting conditions), the ease of monitoring applications received make Hullo Jobs a highly sought after destination for recruiters &companies to post job listings!

It’s slowly making its space felt in the market job sites that is monopolised by 2-3 behemoths.

Hansica Kh.