10 Things Great Managers Do Every Day

And you thought becoming a manager is a piece of cake?

No doubt you hate your manager, but that’s only because he is not good enough to handle you and the rest of your teammates. There are great managers, who know how to keep each and every member of their team happy. It is not that these managers don’t know how to get their work done; it is just that they know the meaning of team work and how important it is for them to ensure that every member is enjoying the work.

After doing a detailed research on great managers, we have realized that they not only possess some common traits, but also do a few things on a regular basis to achieve the level and reputation that they visualize in their minds. Here is a list that’s going to help you learn about these things:

  • They believe in team work: Team work is the most important part of any organization, no matter how small or big a business is, unless it has the foundation of team work, it is not possible for it to grow any further. Great managers believe in team work and thus, they are always finding ways to interact with the members. They sit with the employees, talk to them, understand their views, make plans and then execute them the way they should.
  • They ensure to give enough credit to those who deserve it: Just because you are open to get ideas from your teammates or employees doesn’t mean that you are allowed to eat their credits; this is not what good managers do. A great manager ensures to give sufficient credit to the one who has contributed his ideas on the floor. This way, he wins the trust of the one who shared his idea. In simple words, great managers appreciate hard and smart working employees every day.
  • They make sure that each and every member is included in the team: When you term a group of people as a team, it means that every member has to come together and contribute their views, opinions, advices and ideas in some or the other way, especially when this team belongs to a specific organization. Great managers allow every member or employee to come ahead and put forward their views so that their contributions are appreciated and they feels included in the team, instead of feeling neglected.
  • They understand their employees: What do great managers do on a daily basis? They put themselves in the shoes of their employees and understand what they have done, before judging them. Whether it is to approve a leave application or to allow someone to leave the job in a calm manner, great managers know how to handle any situation because they do not judge anyone, unless they have gone through their journey by being in their shoes.
  • They shower light on the potential employees or team members: While some managers keep the good employees away since they are a threat to their position, there are great managers who believe in pulling the right kind of employees to front so that they can achieve what they have been trained for. Potential employees can never hide from great managers.
  • They always welcome ideas: No doubt some of the managers are very bossy and they never like the idea of welcoming new thoughts from the employees, but there is a bunch of great managers that believes in giving complete freedom of thoughts to their employees. In fact, they believe that the fresh minds can bring better ideas on the table and thus, welcome what the employees have to share with them.
  • They know how to take right and wise decisions: Not all the managers are able to take the right decisions on a daily basis, but the great ones know what kind of decisions they are expected to take. Being a great manager is not an easy task, but if you are blessed with a wise mind and you are experienced in handling all kinds of situations, you have an idea about how to take the correct decision and adjust with the ongoing circumstances.
  • They understand their members and are always there for them: Great managers know where their members would go wrong and where they would go right; since they are good to their employees, they hope goodness in return. When employees are good to them and are performing their tasks effectively, great managers believe in being there for them when they have any kind of professional or personal issue. It all depends upon the behavior of the employees. Sometimes, some employees are wrong too and thus, they can’t expect the managers to be good to them.
  • They greet their employees the moment they enter into the office: Have you ever noticed the little things that great managers do? They make sure to greet their employees as soon as they enter into their office. Since their employees respect them, they want to reciprocate the same respect and thus, they greet them politely and make them comfortable with them around.
  • They are straight forward, but not rude: Most of the people think being straight forward and rude is one and the same thing, but it is not. When you are a manager, you are expected to be straight forward, but not rude and this is something that great managers are very well aware of. They ensure to tell you where you go wrong, but they would never want to hurt you by degrading you and telling you that you can’t do what you are expected to.

In order to be a good manager, you have got to treat everyone equally. You need to be empathetic towards everyone so that you understand what the others are going through, no matter how difficult the situation sounds. Good managers find ways to improve and strengthen their relations with the employees at work.

Hansica Kh.