Reasons Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

Before we proceed and prove why diverse teams are smarter, it is important for you to understand the meaning of a diverse team.

Globalization has hit all of us hard; while some say it has hit us in a negative way, the other believe that it is the most positive thing ever happened to human race. Different people have their very own opinions. If you ask us, we would always support globalization because it has made us realize the importance of diversity. When you talk about diversity, it exists in almost all the fields – gender, race, caste, ethnicity, culture, etc. Since globalization is now in full swing, we are noticing diverse groups working in the same organization.

‘But how do managers work with people belonging to different cultures?’

It is difficult, at times, and we don’t disagree with the fear you have in your eyes at the moment; when you go through all those news and articles on the internet, it becomes difficult for you to trust diverse groups. The moment something wrong happens in a specific country and the moment you find out that it has been done by a specific religious group is the time you start neglecting all those belonging to this specific religion. This is because you fear that these individuals sharing the same work floor as yours may harm you as well.

During such situations, it is the responsibility of the manager to come ahead and defend people and not their religion. You can never judge someone based on his religion, ethnicity or culture; you have to learn about a person in and out in order to judge him.

Lately, it is said that diverse teams are smarter and provide much better work ethics under the roofs of the organization. Stop wondering and continue reading!

  • The team shares global knowledge: There are so many things that happen in different corners of the world, but knowing each and every single thing is not possible, unless you have a diverse team working in your organization. All the members can come forward and share their global knowledge for the betterment of the business.
  • Different cultures come together and adjust in the work culture: There are so many cultures working together and as one, when the team is diverse. You get to learn about so many new cultures. People are usually fascinated when they encounter so many cultures under a single roof. You learn, develop your knowledge and grow together despite the diversity.
  • There is so much to learn when the members in the team accept each other whole heartedly: All you have to do is accept the members of the team with all your heart and it is easy for you to work in a diverse team. It may take some time for members to adjust with each other, but when they know the meaning of unity, they can create wonders.
  • When the chemistry between people is right, they can create wonders: There are times when people get so closely knit to each other that they don’t feel like leaving the organization or finding another job. This is because they get to learn new things, experiment unusual stuff and be a better person when they are in a diverse cultural group.
  • Successful decisions can be made when more people are contributing their views: Since there are people belonging to different cultures, gender and race, they have their very own views and opinion. When the group welcomes the opinions and advices from each and every team member, it works in the most amazing manner. There is no way such a group can be kept away from success.
  • The company can learn about the culture of a specific country by its employees belonging to the location it wishes to invade: Which is that one country that has always been running in your mind? Do you want to explore that country and setup your business there as well? If you want to spread the wings of your business, you can take the help of that one specific person who has come from your dream country.
  • People learn the meaning of humanity when they work together: Apart from the advantages that the smart diverse team can provide your business with, there is one thing that it allows you to learn – to be more human towards each other. The entire team learns the importance of unity, despite the diversity.
  • The entire office can celebrate different cultures, boosting the morale of each and every employee: Imagine all those festivals that you can celebrate together! Gone are the days when organizations decorated their bays only during Christmas, more the diverse teams, better are the celebrations of different kinds of festivals. It is always fun to witness all these things belonging to different cultures and countries.
  • You would notice the members of diverse teams sitting together and exchanging food, along with good stories: Welcome new stories right in your organization when you have smart and amazing diverse teams working there. You notice that such team members sit together, share their lunch boxes, converse and speak their hearts out, sharing the journeys of their lives. This way, the team members come closer and cherish their differences.
  • The organization notices a blend of young and fresh as well as the old and experienced crowd: When you talk about a diverse team, you also include the age difference. When you have both, the young as well as the old, crowd working for your business, you notice that you can always mix the new and fresh ideas with the experience and patience of the employees.

Working in a diverse team may seem like a challenging job to you, but it is all the very more fun than working with people belonging to the same religion, ethnicity and culture as yours. You learn about the whole world when you sit with different kinds of people.

Hansica Kh.