8 Reasons Why Social Recruiting Beats Traditional Recruiting

8 Reasons Why Social Recruiting Beats Traditional Recruiting

It has always been challenging to recruit top talent. Companies world over are turning towards social recruiting to source candidates easier and quicker.

Social recruitment is a very trending concept. In simple terms, it is the process of hiring qualified job seekers through multiple social networking sites, other websites and blogs by networking and advertising.  Social recruitment has become a must have recruiting strategy.

For many reasons, it is gaining popularity over the traditional way of hiring candidates. A few significant and underlining advantages of social recruitment over traditional recruitment are listed below.

  1. Reaching Mass-Volume of Candidates

In traditional recruitment,newspapers were the most popular way to let people know about vacancies. It has been serving the recruiters for centuries. While newspapers are still read by a large number of people, internet as a medium of reaching people is gaining popularity. Social media has more reach than the traditional methods, especially for the young crowd. Social Media is also a quicker mode of reaching larger masses and faster way of talent acquisition.

  1. Reaching The Right Candidate Easily

Traditional recruiting required you to go through all the submitted CVs/Resumes, and so much more paperwork to select appropriate candidates for interviews. However, social recruiting gives you the luxury of taking a good glance at the personalities of the candidates and judging their demean our through social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Background verification also becomes easier. Through social recruiting,you can connect with the candidates directly and pick the right personality for the right job

  1. Letting People Recognise Your Brand

The online branding has a very significant role to play in the 21st century. Social media helps to make your brand viral. This helps your business to grow and reach more people. While social recruiting helps the candidates to have a better insight about your company and the job role before deciding that whether they are fit for the job or not. This helps to recruit the right person for the right post. Studies suggest that a lot of candidates decide to join a company based on their social media presence and popularity. Social media actually helps you create an impression in the minds of people that you can use to your advantage. This is not an advantage that traditional recruitment method offers.

  1. Getting In Touch With Passive Candidates

From the beginning, you have to make a list of what qualities are you looking for in your potential candidates. There is a high chance that qualified candidates may not have applied for the job you’re hiring for.

You’ll find tonnes of active job seekers on a job offering portal, but passive job seekers are hard to find. Passive job seekers do not look for new jobs actively. They’re mostly found on different social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, conversing with people, trying to figure out what is best for them.

Now here lies the beauty of social recruiting. You can connect with passive job seekers. When your job advertisement comes on the screen of their system, they will come across your ad and they may apply for your job. or, you can email them directly to let them know about your job vacancies. This way you can tap the passive job seekers along with the active ones. This increases your pool of talent to select from.

  1. Better Candidate Experience

Social Media helps you reach masses and it makes sure the job seekers applying for your job vacancy have a better experience with you. Social media facilitates you to connect to the job seeker at a personal level. If you have a Facebook or Twitter presence, potential candidates will be able to know more about you either from the information you’ve posted or by conversing with you through your social media pages. By interacting with you directly, their comfort level will increase and they will have a better candidate experience. If potential candidates have a good experience and a friendly perception, they are more likely to apply for the job you have to offer.

  1. Better Referral Traffic

Building relationships personally with people will pay you very positively and profitably in the long run. Social media won’t just limit your presence to your own website, your social media page or profile, but people like your happy clients and happy employees will circulate your brand name all over social media. This will, in fact, lead to more people becoming aware of your company or brand and lead to higher referral traffic. Better and faster referral traffic is an advantage that social hiring holds over traditional hiring.

Things like ratings and reviews can enhance your reputation as a company. In case you are social recruiting this level of online reputation will attract the interest of good candidates for your job postings.

  1. It Is A Quick Process

We’re living in a generation where information travels the whole world within a matter of few seconds, thanks to the excessive popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. If you circulate your job offer on multiple popular social media sites, your word will quickly circulate and more people will come across your job vacancies within a short period of time.

Whereas printing of an advertisement in a newspaper, candidates coming across it, and then applying in a traditional way can be time-consuming.The recruitment process with social media has become more effective, faster, convenient and easier in comparison to the traditional recruitment.

  1. It is Budget Friendly

Recruiting in a traditional way is still popular. But, let’s just be very honest that the traditional method of recruiting is effective but also very expensive at the same time. Television ads and banners are effective but they are expensive as well. Social recruiting, on the other hand, is very cost effective. Most of the options are free of cost and yet reach masses which pretty much solve the purpose. In a cost-cutting era, social recruitment holds an upper hand, especially for small and medium business types.

Hansica Kh.